Dreams of Riley’s Friends

“Dreams of Riley’s Friends” was a six-week encounter with a stranger from out of town. The decisions you make about this new-found friend, steered a story that occurred entirely by text messages on your mobile phone. No set, no lights, no venue to go to.

Will you invite Riley to tomorrow’s parade? Will you keep dreaming of the house that is slowly filling up with milk? Will you change the way you feel about the metal lever in your mind?

Dreams was an interactive, slow-motion story that unfolded over six weeks. Sometimes we’d send several texts in a day. Sometimes none for a week. Where the story took you – and the Riley you got to know – depended on the choices you make.

From Steve Moore, Kirk Lynn, Hillerbrand+Magsamen, Zack Booth Simpson, Justin Sane, Andy Stalick, and the team that brought you last year’s “Computer Simulation of the Ocean“.

Warm thanks once again to the Fusebox Festival.

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