Computer Simulation of the Ocean

“Computer Simulation of the Ocean” was a romantic, supernatural, psychological thriller told entirely using text messages you received on your mobile phone.  No set, no lights, no venue to go to.  Just you and your phone.


The show was free. To begin, audiences simply texted the word “subscribe” to 469-213-2281.


Once you subscribed, we directed you to this page: this page for information about getting started.
We had subscribers from all across the country. Here’s the break-down by area code:


Once you were subscribed, you started to receive messages from different characters, each with his or her own phone number:



Written By: Steve Moore


All technical infrastructure and coding compliments of Zachary Booth Simpson


This project was made possible through very generous support from the Fusebox Festival, the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department, the Texas Commission on the Arts, IBM, The Guion Family Fund, Jim Greer & Daphne Keller, and other individual donors. Warm thanks to them all.



"Pretty goddam amazing." -Austin Chronicle


"A conversation about the nature of conversation itself." -Austin American-Statesman


"We've never been so enraptured with cell-phone texts as we were during this real-time sci-fi thriller created by Steve Moore for 2014's Fusebox Festival." - Top 10 Creative Things I Lucked Into in 2014 -Austin Chronicle


"A wild, satisfying, unpredictable ride." -Central Texas Live Theatre

"Excellently unsettling." -Fusebox blog


And from the audience...

"OMG! This was fantastic!! I was sorry to see it end but it was a satisfying and timely ending, just the right length. I kept marveling at the creativity, pacing, plotting, etc." -Kate C., Austin, TX


"This was a really fascinating way to experience a story. It never felt disjointed and I felt like I was part of the story. Job well done!" -Dawn S., Spokane, WA


"I absolutely loved this and look forward to more to come!" -Sara P., San Francisco, CA

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