Adam Sultan

“Layered into the dense, lyrical imagery .. is a thoughtfulness about life and the manifold mysteries of existence, a comprehension of both its pain and beauty and of the necessity of love and friendship.”
Austin Chronicle preview

“Mysterious and baffling and moving. The blending of fiction and reality speaks to the lifeline throbbing through the Austin theater community…profoundly disturbing”
Austin American-Statesman

“This is supposed to be a review about a play that’s about the Austin theatre community, produced and performed by people in that community, and your reviewer happens to be among those people, and I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to go get a Kleenex because thinking about this fucking thing has the tears running down my cheeks and eroding most of what passes for critical objectivity.”
Austin Chronicle review

“So stunningly gorgeous, so moving and sad and funny and contemplative and joyous and… oh wow. It is just so OH WOW! I was truly verklempt and then some throughout and afterward, too, as I tried to process all that I had just taken in.”
Spike Speaks

“A powerfully imaginative work .. A highly layered tale of art and death”
Central Texas Live Theatre



Our work-in-progress showing as part of the 2012 Fusebox Festival also garnered some nice reviews. See here and here.


Agnes and Alfred

“Remarkable.. A beautiful play”
Austin Chronicle

“Intimate.. precise and evocative.. gorgeous”
Austin American-Statesman

“Explosive.. a joy to watch”

“Super real.. Graves and Kenah have truly amazing chemistry together”
Spike Speaks


“A hell of a fine time!” –Austin Chronicle

Best Theatrical Event of 2012 –Austin Critics Table Awards

Kneeling Down at Noon

“Moore’s sensitivity to generosity and openness – so evident in all his plays – is what makes him an ideal candidate to prompt us to think about a faith that we profoundly need to comprehend.”
Austin Chronicle preview

“Austin playwright Steve Moore taught a class on playwriting at St. Edward’s last spring. The purpose was to create a play about Muslims. Moore isn’t Muslim, but he worked with students to learn about Islam and then craft characters and a story.”
Austin American-Statesman

“Thoughtful and deeply humane … Moore, who is not Muslim, is more concerned with the people who believe than the belief itself. Islam is the lens through which he focuses on the humanity of these particular individuals, how it shapes their notions of justice and mercy, where it gives them the courage to persevere in times of trial and, when they’re paralyzed by it, to conquer fear.”
Austin Chronicle



Not Clown

“It’s typical of the unusual tone of this show that while the clowning scenes are sometimes horriffic, the plot about the persecution of a discriminated class, which the clowns play quite melodramatically, is hilarious”
New York Times

“A great chance for New Yorkers to be reminded that there are some remarkably innovative theatre groups elsewhere in the country — here’s hoping more of them make it here.”

“It is political in ways that go beyond the politics of the moment … It’s funny. It’s horrific. It’s gorgeous. It’s brutal.”
Austin American-Statesman

“When Physical Plant promotes these performers as being among the best physical actors in town, they’re not just blowing smoke up P.T. Barnam’s ass … the story is so fantastic and brimming with potential, the characters so well imagined, that we’re left wanting at least another 30 minutes, dammit… uniquely weird and vibrant.”
Austin Chronicle

“… intelligent yet disturbing … a story [twisted and layered] to unsettling effect … a tale for our times … not a play for the faint of heart. But then again, neither is the news these days.”
Austin American-Statesman

“How can a nightmarish play about clowns and torture give you hope? Because with Not Clown, Steve Moore and Carlos Treviño created intelligent theater with impeccable moral credentials. The consequences of fear and prejudice, the suppression of individual rights, the horrors of violence – Moore and Treviño deftly addressed these timely issues with sophistocation and sensitivity in their cautionary tale for our post-9/11 world.”
#3 Best Arts Event of 2004
Austin American-Statesman

“Best Alt-theatre Play of 2004”
Austin American-Statesman

Austin Critcs Table Awards nominations…
Best Production, Comedy
Best Director, Comedy (Carlos Treviño)
Best Actress, Comedy (Elizabeth Doss)
Best Supporting Actress, Comedy (Lee Eddy)
Best Supporting Actor, Comedy (Josh Meyer)
Best Supporting Actor, Comedy (Robert Pierson)
Best Movement (Carlos Treviño & company)
David Mark Cohen New Play Award (Steve Moore & Carlos Treviño)

B. Iden Payne Committee nominations…
Outstanding Production of a Drama
Outstanding Director of a Drama (Carlos Treviño)
Outstanding Sound Design (Robert Pierson & Carlos Treviño)
Outstanding Original Script (Steve Moore & Carlos Treviño)
Outstanding Cast Performance

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