mascotPhysical Plant produces approximately one play per year. All of our work is built from scratch, sweated over, redesigned, and sweated over some more before reaching the stage. We’re a non-profit arts organization located in Austin, Texas – founded in 1994 and dedicated to producing new and original work whose precision and elegance coax audiences into worlds that are new and ample – new in voice, new in structure and scope, ample in their hospitality, and ample in their faith that creative meaning can improve the world.

With hospitality as our watchword, we strive to make our shows welcoming on all levels, from the substance of the shows themselves to the ticket prices—which we keep very low (or even, as we say, “free if you’re broke”).

Our Promise

  • To be generous and hospitable. Our company is diverse and welcoming. You will be welcomed into the venue & into the play itself.
  • To support and breed unfamiliarity. Within each production, we invite you into a world that is new and unfamiliar—new in its voice, new in its language of symbols, new in its structure and scope.
  • To envelop and empower. We believe life is potentially as pliable, as ripe, and as full of secrets as are the worlds we make in our plays. We expect our search for creative meaning to improve the world.
  • To take our time. From conception to workshops to rehearsals, we take as long as necessary to perfect the work we make.

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