Text narratives: How-to

Welcome! The show requires a bit of orientation and preparation. Here’s some info about how everything works…


1. As you probably know by now, the whole story happens on your cell phone as text messages you receive from different numbers. There’s no venue to go to. No crowds. No hassle.


2. When you send ‘go’, you’ll get the whole story in a single sitting. Make sure that you’ve set the time aside for that. It can be difficult to pay attention to the story if you’ve got other important things happening.


3. By now, we’ve probably sent you the name of each character as a message from the phone number that character will use in the story. If you haven’t yet, definitely assign the character names to those numbers. You’ll have a much more interesting (and coherent) experience if you do.


4. To unsubscribe, text the word STOP to any of the numbers that’s sending you messages. Note that it can take a couple minutes for all of the messages to stop.


5. To pause the show, text the word PAUSE to any of the numbers. You can send RESUME at any point to start the story back up.


6. Occasionally, you might feel an urge to reply to a text in the story. Alas, the show isn’t actually interactive in that way. That said, feel free to send feedback to us by texting back on any of the phone numbers. We won’t respond right away and it won’t change the story, but we’ll definitely sort through your thoughts and suggestions.


7. A note to anyone in law enforcement, FBI, NSA, etc.: This story and its characters are entirely fictional. Please contact us directly with any concerns.


This project was made possible through very generous support from the Fusebox Festival, the City of Austin Cultural Arts Division, the Texas Commission on the Arts, IBM, The Guion Family Fund, Jim Greer & Daphne Keller, and other individual donors. Warm thanks to them all.


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