Sister of Shattering Glass:
Credits and Thanks

This project is an incredible group effort…

Story by Katharine Catmull
Produced by Steve Moore
Photography by Annie Gunn
Sound design and compositions by Buzz Moran
Graphic design by Jennymarie Jemison
Project video by Colin Lowry
Programming and infrastructure by Zack Booth Simpson, Thomas Blom, and Justin Cooper
Mohammad’s family” photo by Natan Dvir
Cedar waxwing in profile” photo by Roger Everhart

Zazie Bryant as Summer
Etta Thomas as Bird
Delanté Keys as Zac

The project was made possible through the jaw-dropping generosity of
Jim Greer and Daphne Keller.

Huge thanks to the phenomenal Physical Plant Board of Directors:
Barbara Chisholm
Paula Gilbert
Robert Goyer
Meg Haley
Betelhem Makonnen

Our warm and unending thanks to…
Ali Haider of Austin Bat Cave
Arianna Auber
Beth Burns
Carrie Fountain
Cecily Sailer of Badgerdog
Clement Godwin
Clint Hofmeister
David Fruchter
Eli Goyer
Frank Benge
Gaelila McKaughan
Jeanne Claire van Ryzin
Jonelle Patrick
Karen Lashelle of Creative Action
Kelly Hasandras
Ken Webster
Kirk Lynn
Lisa Hirsch
Max Godwin
Meg Worley
Michal Trejo
Michael Barnes
Michael Meigs
Noah Martin of Creative Action
Olga Minich
Paula Span
Peter Simonite
Quin Goyer
Robert Faires
Rosalind Faires
Sam Suite
Sasha Vliet of Austin Bat Cave
Shobie Partos of Creative Action
Sloane Burns
Virginia Honig
Wayne Alan Brenner
Will Godwin
Zac Carr

This project was made possible through very generous support from the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department, the Texas Commission on the Arts, IBM, The Guion Family Fund, Jim Greer & Daphne Keller, and other individual donors. Warm thanks to them all.


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