Sister of Shattering Glass

Sister of Shattering Glass was a mesmerizing adventure story for adults and young adults alike — told entirely with text messages. No set, no lights, no venue to go to.

Taking the role of a concerned father, you receive messages from your two daughters who are trapped inside a great, dark maze behind the mirrors of the world.

Written by Katherine Catmull, the acclaimed YA novelist of Summer and Bird — and featuring beautiful photographs by Annie Gunn and immersive sound design by Buzz Moran.

February 17-July 27, 2017 (The story continues for the full 5 months)

On the smartphone of each audience member. No venue to go to.

Sister of Shattering Glass follows Summer and Bird as they race toward the center of a dark maze behind the mirrors of the world, where a being born from reflections and fractures threatens to devour the maze from within — including the two sisters and every bird on earth.

The story unfolds gradually over the course of five months. During that time, each character messages you directly from a phone number of their own: your daughters, their friends and teachers — and the residents of the maze itself.

We’ve created some additional pages to answer questions and get you started when you’re ready:

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