River Reactor Project – May/June/July, 2023

Each quarter, I’ll offer a brief update about the River Reactor Project.

  • Advisors / Feedback
  • Progress
    • In collaboration with digital artist Andrew Wells, generated 5 detailed images of possible designs for the River Reactor in different locations.
    • Printed 150 high-resolution postcards of each image.
    • Created an initial three-page summary brief about the project.
    • Attended the US Nuclear Industry Council’s Advanced Reactor Summit in Charlotte, NC as a representative of Generation Atomic who graciously covered my conference entrance fee. While there, I met leaders from across nuclear energy and gave away 140+ copies of the 5 postcards to seed future conversations.
      River Reactor Project at USNIC in Charlotte

      Image Description 1
      Image Description 2

    • In addition to the ongoing advisors, I was incredibly honored to talk about the project with:

  • Next steps for the coming quarter
    • Recruit additional advisors.
    • Create a project timeline.
    • Generate a comprehensive budget.
    • Commission architectural schematics of the project’s floating chassis.
    • Compile list of potential granting organizations.
    • Submit at least two grant applications.
    • Attend monthly meetings of the Nuclear Science Week steering committee.

We’re grateful for your ongoing support and expertise as we continue to advance the project. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts or guidance on any aspect of the work.


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