Dreams of Riley’s Friends: What to expect

The show requires a bit of orientation. Here’s some info about how everything works…


1. As you probably know by now, the whole story happens on your cell phone. You’ll get roughly five text messages each week for about six weeks. It’s definitely an experiment in slow-motion storytelling.
2. Sometimes messages will come in a flurry. Sometimes several days will go by between messages. We think you’ll like how it all unfolds.
3. At first, all messages come from the “choice channel” phone number. It’s worth assigning “Choice Channel” as the contact for that phone number.

Soon you’ll also get messages from Riley, the main character. When those messages start coming in, you can assign “Riley” as the contact name in your phone for that number:

images of contacts

4. To unsubscribe, reply to any story message with “UNSUBSCRIBE” or “STOP” or “REMOVE”. You can also unsubscribe by visiting this page.
5. To resubscribe or to reach us directly for any reason, write to physicalplant – at – gmail.com.

This project was made possible through very generous support from the Fusebox Festival, the Texas Commission on the Arts, IBM, Jim Greer & Daphne Keller, and other individual donors. Warm thanks to them all.


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