Adam Sultan

As some of you reading this will know, Adam Sultan is a real guy. Lives in Austin. He’s a musician, composer, dancer, writer, performer, teacher. A great, open-hearted human being.

This is a play about his life as it might be. We turn the clock forward by 40 years. It’s the year 2052, and Adam is in his eighties. Many of his dearest friends have died, including his wife — and much has changed. Including Adam. Over the years he’s gone from happy and adventurous to cranky and withdrawn, in large part because the community he was once a part of has disintegrated around him.

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Written By: Steve Moore and Zeb L. West

Directed By: Steve Moore and Zeb L. West


Adam Sultan, Caroline Reck, Connor Hopkins, Ellie McBride, Gricelda Silva, Joey Hood, Katie Van Winkle, Kelli Bland, Meredith Balderston, Noel Gaulin, Rob Jacques, & Zac Crofford

Designed By:

Connor Hopkins - Puppets
Holly Jackson - Set
Stephen Pruitt - Lights
Benjamin Taylor Ridgway - Costumes
Monica Pasut-Gibson - Puppet Costumes
Annie Bradley McCall - Props
K. Eliot Haynes - Sound
Adam Sultan - Composer

Managed By:

Tamara Klindt - Production manager
Rachel Dendy - Stage manager
Tammy Whitehead - Box office manager


"Layered into the dense, lyrical imagery .. is a thoughtfulness about life and the manifold mysteries of existence, a comprehension of both its pain and beauty and of the necessity of love and friendship."
Austin Chronicle Preview


"Mysterious and baffling and moving. The blending of fiction and reality speaks to the lifeline throbbing through the Austin theater community...profoundly disturbing"
Austin American-Statesman


"This is supposed to be a review about a play that's about the Austin theatre community, produced and performed by people in that community, and your reviewer happens to be among those people, and I hope you don't mind but I'm going to go get a Kleenex because thinking about this fucking thing has the tears running down my cheeks and eroding most of what passes for critical objectivity."
Austin Chronicle Review


"So stunningly gorgeous, so moving and sad and funny and contemplative and joyous and... oh wow. It is just so OH WOW! I was truly verklempt and then some throughout and afterward, too, as I tried to process all that I had just taken in."
Spike Speaks


"A powerfully imaginative work .. A highly layered tale of art and death"
Central Texas Live Theatre

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