The Whimsy

A puppet-and-human play with live music where the artifacts of dreams arrived in the pockets of the wide-awake, where hearts attached on the outside of the body, where the yard-bird spoke and the Moon sang. Pink letters from the past and telephones in the present prompted a search for fish, a longing for fishermen, and an articulation of the ancient urge to die. The live band with original music, the puppets, and the mixture of a confentional plot (in the puppet world) with our more standard cavalcade of images (in the human world) appealed to audiences of all ages.


Written By: Steve Moore and Physical Plant Theater

Directed By: Katie Pearl


Avi Hartman as The FISHERMAN
Amy Dickson as The PINK LADY and The FISHWIFE
Sharon Elmore as The MOON
James Hegberg as WESSON
Tony Castellano as SOUTHPOLE and FLING
Beverly Wachtel as The FISH
Jim Greer as The STRANGE MAN
Michael Mazmanian as OCTOPUS and CLAM and The MONOCLE MAN

Carlos Treviño - Piano
Larry Acquaviva - Drums and Sound Effects
Jesse Canterbury - Clarinet

Designed By:

Chase Staggs - Puppets & Props
Brad Wilson - Set & Lights
Rose Daniels - Costumes


"And how often do we wake from a dream and wish we could return to its nonsense and illogic and metaphor? So it is with The Whimsy."
-Austin Chronicle


"Alarming originality of concept and execution...Extends the language of the stage in unforeseen directions."
-Austin American-Statesman


"That rare wonder: a dream come alive. Best of 1998."
-Austin Chronicle


1998 B. Iden Payne award for Best Original Score

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