The Kindermann Depiction

From eight feet above the action, the audience observed characters who never spoke but sometimes sang, whose currencies were ice, blood, books, and grieving, and whose engine was the death of a nameless child.


Written By: Steve Moore with Carlos Treviño

Directed By: Carlos Treviño


Jessica Hedrick as AGNES
Hank Cathey as ALFRED
Parker Williams as The CREATURE
Robert Pierson as FRANK
Justin Kee as LUDWIG

Designed By:

Adam Sultan - Music
Carlos Treviño - Set
Emily Fordyce - Metalwork
K. Eliot Haynes - Sound
Meredith Moseley - Costumes
Noah Kern - Construction
Patti Neff - Props
Stephen Pruitt - Lighting


"A mesmerizing work of art...The most enveloping evening of theater of this or any recent Austin season...The Kindermann Depiction is art at its most fantastical."
--Austin American-Statesman


"...draws us in with its precise arrangements of interdependence and its gently elusive chains of internal logic; and, especially, with the emotion-fraught struggle that is the engine of this sad and magnificent vehicle."
--Austin Chronicle 2003 David Mark Cohen New Play Award--Austin Critics Table


"Number 1 Arts Event of 2002."
--Austin American-Statesman

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