A somber and brutal conversation between an embittered piano player and an urgently hopeful lecturer, each in flight from grief. A puppet world–set in motion for the purposes of demonstration–blows a socket into the world of its creator, and offers a fleeting, doomed chance for redemption. Magnified muscle on the walls, blood in the aquarium, and Shubert on a borrowed piano.
Link to video:

Fatigue video


Written By: Steve Moore

Directed By: Katie Pearl


Ron Berry as The LECTURER
Carlos Treviño as The PIANO PLAYER
Sam Randall as RED
Jeff Sims as DISK

Designed By:

Carlos Treviño - Music
Allison DeFrees, Bobby Sledge, Brian Yanish - Puppets
Dana Younger - Costumes
Russell Case, Steve Moore, Carlos Treviño - Set


"...the most inventive Austin performance event of the season..."
--Austin American-Statesman


"...open's a new realm of possibilities for glimpsing into our deepest, darkest places."
--Austin Chronicle


"Top Ten Favorites of 2000"
--Austin Chronicle

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