barber, tallman, Cora, clown

In this joyfully obscure and bizarre mass-collaboration, the tallest man in the world goes for a haircut at a barber shop whose blue barbicide fluide serves as a portal to an invisible, unsteady circus world. An echo chamber of symbols and language as pure and complete as a dream.


Written By: Hank Cathey, David Fruchter, James Hegberg, Mike Martin, Steve Moore, Sumitra Rajkumar, and Bradley Wilson

Directed By: Mike Martin


Hank Cathey as The BARBER
David Fruchter as The TALLMAN
James Hegberg as The CLOWN
Sumitra Rajkumar as CORA
Bradley Wilson as The CIRCUS BARKER


"...vibrant images from the subconscious."

--The Austin Chronicle


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